Solar Still


A Solar Still is a great way to gather drinking water. It is a pretty simple method for gathering water however its yield is not very much. One thing to remember though is that once it is built you can work on other projects while it works. So it is a very useful technique to gather water. The basic concept is to let the sun’s heat evaporate water from either undrinkable water or green vegetation and collect the water vapor on a tarp.

You start by digging a hole. At the center of the hole you want to place an object that can collect water. then you want to either put other containers of bad water or green vegetation around the can. Then you will place a tarp over the hole and seal the edges the best you can. Then you will want to place a rock in the center of the tarp over the can. This will allow the water vapor that collects on the bottom of the tarp to collect at the center of the tarp and drip into the can. Once the day is done you can now go collect your water.

*A not to remember is that if you are careful about pulling off the tarp you might be able to collect a little extra water that didn’t drip into the water collector. Every little drop counts when you are surviving.


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